The Wilderness Road

The road is now closed for the season and will open again in the beginning of june.

The Wilderness Road is one of Sweden’s highest roads and connects Jämtland with Swedish Lapland. The naturally beautiful and wild road passes through the Village of Stora Blåsjön and over the mighty high plateau of Stekenjokk as it winds into Southern Lapland.

The first part of the Wilderness Road, through the Valley of Ströms Vattudal and further towards Gäddede is a beautiful stretch of road dotted with waterways the attract anglers from across the globe. Just a few hours’ drive up the mountain you will find the mighty waterfall of Hällingsåfallet, Swedens Grand Canyon. Hällingsåfallet plunges down a 45 meter high abyss and continues down Sweden’s longest canyon. Close by Hällingsåfallet you will find the unique the underwater river of  Bjurälven, Sweden’s longest underwater cave and the cave Korallgrottan.  Here you can get a guided tour inside the cave and the nearby nature reserve and karst formation, the largest in Scandinavia.

The most spectacular part of the Wilderness Road is over the high plateau of Stekenjokk and opens in the beginning of June to the middle of October. During the rest of the year, the snow cover is too deep for the road to be open. Up here you can normally ski until midsummer. When the road opens in June, the depth of the snow can be up to 6 meters. The Wilderness road is one of the few places where you have direct access to the higher mountainous areas from the road and gives you the possibility to go mountain hiking on four wheels.

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