While staying in Saxnäs you are in the middle of extraordinarily beautiful surroundings with plenty of opportunities to go hunting, fishing, snowmobiling and hiking. There are plenty of mountain trails a short distance from the highway and numerous picturesque bodies of water nearby. Just park your car and go for a hike along Satsfjället or the Marsfjällen mountain range. Or take the car to the Stekenjokk plateau for day trips in an area with rich fishing waters. Explore the many goahtis and cabins along the trails in the area.

Magical hiking trails in Saxnäs

Hike the mountains during the day and sleep comfortably in a hostel or hotel during the night. There are a wide range of hiking trails in the area, shorter easier trails to challenging multiday hikes. There are trails through ancient forests and high mountain terrain. There is the possibility to pre-order hiking with guides, if you want to go the shortest, swiftest or most scenic route possible to your preferred destination.

The first building in Saxnäs was erected in 1824 and was connected by road to Vilhelmina during the 1920s. Tourism started to flourish from the 1930s onwards, in large part due to the creation of Saxnäsgården and through the popularity of Bernhard Nordh's contemporary novels set in the area.



Ricklundgården is an Italian-style villa designed by Emma and Folke Ricklund during the 1940s. An ambitious project that creates a peace of architectural history. Folke was an artist with a keen interest in architecture and design and Emma ran the guesthouse Saxnäsgården and was skilled in creating textiles. The creative minds of the couple is there for all to see regarding the interior and exterior of what was their dream home.