Kittelfjäll can at times give you the feeling of being in the alps, and provides magical experiences steeped in ancient folktales during the summer. Regardless of the season, many visitors fall head over heels in love with Kittelfjäll. Visit Destination Kittelfjäll's homepage for more information regarding activities and adventures the place has to offer.

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Magical summers in Kittelfjäll
Read Erik Säfvenberg's recollection of the magic of summer in Kittelfjäll here

Kittelfjäll ('Tjiehtele' in Southern Sami) is a scenic mountain village with sharp peaks reaching 1250-1375 metres, with Borkafjället being one of the landmarks. From here you can hike to Marsfjället (1589 metres above sea level) and the Marsfjällen nature reserve. Offerskalet, a sacred Sami place, is nearby. These lands have always belonged to the Sami.

Destination Kittelfjäll's homepage

Always close to nature

You are always close to nature in Kittelfjäll. The river Vojmån is known as one of the best grayling fishing waters in Sweden, and you also have good chances of catching trout too. There are hundreds of smaller lakes and rivers which offer great game fishing for recreational anglers. Apart from grayling and trout, there are also great chances of catching whitefish, perch, burbot and char in these waters.

Day trips around Kittelfjäll

The river Vojmån, which curves and winds through the entire vallet of Vojmådalen, has plenty of wind shelters with fire places along its banks. There are trails along both banks of the river. A suitable choice for a shorter day trip.

Sagostigen ('The fairy-tale path') can be found approximately a 4 kilometre drive from the hotel towards Dikanäs. When you see the sign 'Sagostigen', turn towards the river. There you'll find a car park, fire places and fishing waters.

The path goes westwards along Vojmån across a suspension bridge. You will encounter paintings of creatures from fairy-tales along the path, which also has plenty if information boards about the Vojmådalen valley.

Bullerforsen – Röda leden
Begins in the same spot as Sagostigen, and has red marking showing the way. There are plenty of good fishing waters along the trail.

Follow the highway towards Dikanäs. 15 kilometres from Kittelfjäll, just before the Grönfjällskorsningen crossroads, turn right and follow the dirt road. You can chose to stop at a fire place on the left side of the road or continue further on the the large parking spot. That is where the trail which will take you to the outlet of Bergsjön begins. You will eventually reach a wind shelter with a fire place and a magical view. Anyone who is keen on fishing has good chances of catching grayling, trout and char in the waters here.

Approximately 15 kilometres from Hotell Kittelfjäll, along the road to Dikanäs, you will find a car park by a bridge with a sign directing you towards Dikafallet. The trails begins by the carp park and after a 20 minute walk you will find a waterfall with a resting spot with tables and benches.

Klitvallens sameviste
The trail starts in Grönfjäll, approximately 15 kilometres from Kittelfjäll. Follow the trail towards Grantonskalet, pass the Grantonbäcken brook and you will arrive at an abondoned Sami settlement where the Gorik Family lived during the 1950s. A goahti and a shed still remains of the settlement. 

The trail to the Sami settlement in Silisen begins in the village of Fättjaur, 18 kilometres from Kittelfjäll along the road towards the Norwegian border. This is a 2-3 kilometre hike along a broad forest path. During the 1920s the settlement was used by Thomas Lambert Klementsson and his family. Later on the Gorik family used it. Archeologists have found many remains of Sami settlers in Silisen.


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