Hoting & Norråker - villages in the middle of the wilderness

Nature is always present in Norråker and Hoting. Do you enjoy hiking, fishing, hunting and eating delicacies from far and wide? Here you have endless possibilities.

Norråkers Camping & Fishing Center

Norråkers Camping & Fishing Center

The old graveyeard on Långön, The old station, the prehistoric museum, the rural community center Valagården and Hoting's Car Museum are som of the attractions worth visiting in Hoting. There is an old cave under a stone that is thought to be from the Stone Age outside of Hoting. This site is open to the public and can provide clues about how people lived in the Stone Age. According to ancient stories, the stone is called 'Storkarpen'.

Hoting is a locality in Strömsunds Municipality in Jämtland County. The village is situated approximately 50 kilometres northeast of Strömsund and has around 700 residents.


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Norråkers Camping & Fiskecenter

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Basecamp Norråker

Ivars Bilmuseum (Car Museum)

Lapplia Bygdemuseum (Local Museum)

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