The Wilderness Road is the highest paved road in Sweden and stretches between Jämtland and Lapland. The road is one of few roads through the Swedish mountain range and as it passes over the mighty Stekenjokk Plateau it gives you direct access to the mountains from your car door. The entire Wilderness Road is a 500 km stretch through some of the most spectacular parts of northern Scandinavia.

Note: The highest parts of the Wilderness Road over Stekenjokk is only open from the beginning of June until the middle of October due to vast amounts of snow, not uncommonly depths of up to 6 meters.

In 2018 the road is scheduled to open at 12:00, on the 6th of June .




The Wilderness Road takes you through some spectacular natural sights and cultural experiences. The road passes through the most densely populated area of brown bears in Sweden. Stekenjokk is an important birth place for thousands of reindeer and an important nesting site for many endangered birds. Bjurälven Nature Reserve has a unique karst landscape with underground rivers and Sweden’s longest cave Korallgrottan. There are several waterfalls close by the road, the most famous being Hällingsåfallet which flows into Sweden’s longest canyon. The road also passes through Marsfjällen mountains where you will find the highest peak in Västerbotten.

Be prepared to meet the Sami culture in the ancient towns of Fatmomakke and Ankarede, two unique church towns where the Sami and the Swedish settlers once merged. Book a guide and experience more.

The most spectacular parts of the road is over the high plateau of Stekenjokk and is only open from June to mid-October. The rest of the year, this part is closed due to the amount of snow. When the road opens in June, it is not uncommon to drive with up to 6 meters of snow next to the road. It is possible to go cross country skiing on parts of Stekenjokk until midsummer at the end of June. What makes Stekenjokk special is that this is one of the few places in Sweden where the mountains are directly accessible by car due to the Wilderness Road.

Even though the Wilderness Road passes through 3 municipalities, two regions and across an area the size of Belgium, there are only about 22 000 inhabitants, which is less than one per square kilometer.

Welcome to the Wilderness Road – a real paradise for those seeking tranquility, nature, culture and the great outdoors!


In the 1940´s Emma and Folke Ricklund created a italian style villa in the village of Saxnäs. Today this living this living museum is a popular destination for many artists.

Fatmomakke church town

Thie living  open air museum of Fatmomakke has been a sami meeting point for thousands of years and still is today.


Explore Sweden's deepest cave in Frostviken.