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Dorotea Municipality is the southernmost of the inland municipalities in Västerbotten County and the gateway to the province of Lapland. The municipality has borders with Vilhelmina Municipality and Åsele Municipality in Västerbotten, Sollefteå Municipality in Västernorrland and Strömsunds Municipality in Jämtland. There are eleven nature reserves located in Dorotea. Two of them, Gitsfjället and Blaikfjället, are shared with Vilhelmina. These nature reserves, spanning miles and miles on end, offer rich experiences of nature through countless moors, mountain forests and bare mountains. Stenbithöjden, a hilly wilderness area with ancient forests that is also located in Åsele Municipality, is well worth a visit.

The small place with lots on offer

There are plenty of vast areas that will appeal to fishing enthusiasts here. You can find excellent fishing waters virtually anywhere from the mountain peaks far into the forests. Most people will find a fishing spot that is perfect for them. And even if you don't catch any fish, you will have a wonderful experience of nature in the magical forests and the crystal clear streams in the mountain valleys. Exploring the wilderness is the perfect medicine for body and soul.

Dorotea ('Kraapohke' in southern Sami) is a locality in Dorotea Municipality, Västerbotten County in the province if Lapland. Dorotea is located 170 kilometres northeast of Östersund, along the E45 and the railroad Inlandsbanan. The national highway 92 connects Dorotea with Umeå 210 kilometres away.

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An InfoPoint is a manned service centre for tourists which can be recognised through its green and white logo. Shops, hotels or restaurants can be InfoPoints and are authorised by the Municipality's Tourist Managemant company.

InfoPoints in Dorotea Municipality

Wiks lanthandel, Lajksjö
Storvägen 164
+46(0)942 - 310 33

ICA Borgafjällens lanthandel
Centrumvägen 18
+46(0)942 - 420 21

Borgafjäll Snowcamp
Avasjövägen 5
+46(0)942 - 420 42

Parkvägen 2
+46(0)942-100 56

Marikes hantverksbod
Bergsvägen 5
+46(0)70-210 33 37


Hotell Dorotea

Doro Camp (campsite with cabins)



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Hotell Dorotea

Doro Camp Lapland

Konditori Dorotea

MyWay Dorotea

Ankis Bar

Restaurang & Pizzeria Dorotea




Caravan Museum

Dorotea snowmobile club


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