Travelling along the Wilderness Road is a comfortable way of heading straight out into the wild. Many people take their camping vans and stay a couple of nights in the mountians of Stekenjokk, to later continue on to one of the many camp sites along the road, where they can access showers, saunas, WiFi and get personal service. There are also plenty of hotels offering full board along the road.


Camping in Stekenjokk

Many people "bring their own accommodation" with them in the form of motor homes, caravans or tents. These are the only options if you wish to stay overnight in the high mountain area of Stekenjokk, between Ankarvattnet and Klimpfjäll. According to law, you are entitled to stay for 24 hours in your motor home, caravan or tent in certain parts of Stekenjokk.

There are plenty of accommodation options such as hotels, cabins and camping areas south of Stekenjokk, which we have gathered here.


Vilhelmina tourist information
Adress: Tingsgatan 1, Vilhelmina
Phone no: +46(0)940-39886
Opening hours: Monday-Friday, 10-17

Strömsund tourist information
Adress: Ramselevägen 6, Strömsund
Phone no: +46(0)670-164 00
Opening hours: Monday-Friday, 9-16

Gäddede tourist information
Adress: Storgatan 40, Gäddede
Phone no: +46(0)672-10500
Opening hours: Monday-Friday, 9-15 (Closed for lunch between 12–13)