The Wilderness Road is anything but simply a thoroughfare. There are plenty of things to see and do along the route. Some sites are obvious and can be visited on a whim, others require planning and prebooking.

Fatmomakke Kyrkstad
Fatmomakke Kyrkstad

There are certain stops along the Wilderness Road you must do. Among them Korallgrottan, Sweden's longest cave, and Hällingsåfallet, one of the country's highest waterfalls and the longest canyon. And between Saxnäs and Klimpfjäll lies Fatmomakke, one of the best-preserved Sami church towns in Sweden.

The mountain ranges along northern Jämtland and South Lapland offer magnificent hiking trails. Stekenjokk is perfect for people who like mountain biking. Ransarån, Leipikälven and Saxnäs are popular destinations for fishing enthusiasts.

We have gathered some of the most popular things to see and do along the Wilderness Road here.

Places of interest along the Wilderness Road



Vilhelmina touristinformation
Address: Tingsgatan 1, Vilhelmina
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Opening hours: Monday-Friday, 10-17

Strömsund tourist information
Address: Ramselevägen 6, Strömsund
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