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Tip 1: Refueling

Bear in mind that most petrol stations along the Vildmarksvägen are small, and only open when the adjoining local shop is open. Furthermore, you must pay in cash! Paying with a bank card is possible at the bigger petrol stations, but not all foreign cards are accepted. So take care you've always enough cash with you.

You can locate the petrol stations along the Vildmarksvägen on the info-map. Apart from those, you can also find them in Gäddede and in the towns Vilhelmina, Dorotea and Strömsund.

Because the distances in the Vildmarksvägen area are great and because there are many interesting small side-roads you might want to check out, we advise to take a filled jerrycan.

Tip 2: Cash dispensers

Apart from Strömsund, Gäddede, Dorotea, Hoting and Vilhelmina you won't find any cash dispenser along the Vildmarksvägen.

In many shops it's not possible to pay with a foreign bank card or creditcard.

Tip 3: Water

Especially when you want to go hiking through the mountains it's good to know that you can drink the water from almost all lakes and streams in the Vilmarksvägen area. Often it is even very tasty!

There are lakes and streams in abundance - you never need to go far before you find the next possibility to drink. So never take any risk when you have doubts about a drinking spot (swamps, carrion in the neighbourhood, garbage etc)!

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