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Culinary adventures

Feel like some freshly baked bread with delicate goat cheese or cloudberry marmalade? Or some crunchy waffles with cowberries? Does thinking of elk fillet, freshly caught salmon trout, chanterelles or reindeer salami make your mouth water?

This journey over the Vildmarksvägen is a culinary experience too. Apart from the cozy cafés and restaurants, where partly international cuisine is served too, a visit to one of the many smaller private culinary enterprises is highly recommended. (Please announce your visit by telephone in advance!)

There you can not only taste and buy the local delicacies – free from artificial flavours –, but also have a look at the interesting production processes.

Many cafés not only please the palate, but also the eye. After enjoying a hot chocolate, blueberry pie or the popular Swedish "tunnbrot" (Thinbread), you can go treasure hunting in the accompanying shop.

Between the home made handycrafts, ceramics, old finds and modern Swedish design, you surely will find great presents for your friends at home.

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