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Welcome in brown bear country!

Strömsund municipality which covers a big part of the Vildmarksvägen has with 3 bear on 10.000 Hektar the highest bear density of Sweden, or according to the information of de Swedish Forestry Commission: The bear density in Strömsund municipality is comparable with the highest bear densities – in similar areas – to be found in the world.

Apart from bears, you'll find an abundance of other animals that in most parts of Europe can only be seen in the zoo – for example moose, lynx, wolverine, polar fox and golden eagle.

lady's slipperAnd even if you are not so lucky to meet these animals, a trip into the forests, swamps and mountains will still be a great experience.

Meadows and swamps elate with their wild flowers, among the Lady's slipper orchid and other orchids.

In the old protected forests you will step into a fairy tale world.

Tree giants, covered with moss, rocks in all colours, impressive ant hills, huge lichens, mushrooms, berries and little rivers create a magical atmosphere. Especially in the twilight, where you might have the luck to see one of the little fairies and kobolds who live here according to the legends (and according to many locals).

The best known are the Vittror. 'Officially' mythical beings in North-Swedish rural culture; for many though, an existing fact. The Vittror live as most people do, but on 'different places' and in 'different times'. They have their own cows (Vittercows). You may find the Vittror around farms or in marshlands where their cows graze.

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