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Want some action?!

Outdoor enthusiasts will find a paradise around the Vildmarksvägen.

No matter if you want to do sports, just relax, show your kids the adventure of wilderness or like to experience a little thrill – in the wideness of the Northern Swedish mountain world, at crystal clear lakes and in enchanted forests almost all wishes can be fulfilled.

Experience the magic of the Vildmarksvägen on foot, with your mountain bike, the canoe, ski or snowshoes, with a dog sledge or in the saddle of a Icelandic horse!

You can capture the outstanding light shows of Northern nature with your camera or the paint brush. Visit the fascinating cave "korallgrottan", watch brown bears on guided tours, learn archery or ice fishing, watch the mountains from the sky on a helicopter flight, go on moose- or beaver-safari, pick mushrooms and berries or just have a picnic with local specialities on one of the countless lonely lakes!

Even if the weather upsets your outdoor-plans there is plenty to do. Visit a museum, go shopping, visit artists, handicraftsmen or farms and discover the North Swedish hospitality.

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