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For every taste and pocket there is a place to sleep in the Vildmarksvägen area. Regardless of whether you prefer to stay in a romantic hut, enjoy the comforts of a hotel or the familiar atmosphere of a Bed & Breakfast, or want to camp out or stay in an inexpensive youth hostel – you will always find what you are looking for.

Everyman's right

Thanks to the Swedish "everyman's right" ("allemansrätten"), adventurers and romantics can unroll their sleeping bags for free in the great outdoors. Camping out along the shores of a deserted lake, enjoying a good meal with freshly picked chanterelles, sitting by the campfire and taking a dip in the lake the next morning will be truly an unforgettable experience. It is legal to wander private property and open countryside, mount your tent for a night, to paddle over strange waters and even pick berries and mushrooms (provided you don't take any protected species). Exceptions to this rule are areas around houses, nature reserves and farm land.

Naturally you are expected to leave the area as clean as you found it, and you must not disturb wild animals or local inhabitants. Remember to close meadow gates after passing, and don't camp around people's houses.

Lighting a fire is forbidden when there is the slightest danger of a forest fire. Of course damaging or even cutting down living trees or bushes for your campfire is strictly prohibited. In nature reserves the everyman's right is restricted – ask the Department of Tourism and mind the information signs.

Please note that it is not allowed to camp for more than 24 hours on the same spot.

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