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At Hällingsåfallet vast amounts of water rush down into a 43 metres deep abyss hällingsåfalletand subsequently squeeze through the narrow canyon – Europe's longest water filled crevice. After 800 metres the watercourse gets wider again and streams more calmly for three kilometres until it discharges into the Hetögeln lakes.


In summer rainbows light up in the haze, rare lichens and mosses grow in the misty areas, and in many a year rough-legged buzzards and merlins brood in the crevice. The best place to explore the crevice is along a marked pathway from a parking place 2.5 km south of the waterfall. However, you can also proceed from the road, for there is a bridge that is suitable for wheelchairs to the waterfall. Tables, a cabin and a fire place invite you for a picnic.

frozen hällingsåfallet

In winter the Hällingsåfallet is worth paying a visit as well. Then the waterfall freezes into an enormous ice sculpture. In the snow however, the trip will be less easy. You will have to cover the last four kilometres by snowmobile, or on snowshoes or cross country skis.

frozen hällingsåfallet

The Hällingsåfallet is situated some 20 kilometres south of Gäddede and can be reached from there or from the east, coming from the south end of Vattudalen. The road is signposted.

Vilseledaren offers rappelling tours in the canyons of Hällingsåfallet and Brakkåfallet:


The most romantic waterfall is located between Jorm and Stora Blåsjön. From the signed parking lot close to the Vildmarksvägen, a narrow trail leads to the idyllic waterfall. Those looking for some adventure, wanting to take a look at the crevice, or to take a dip on a hot summer day are recommended to take the path through the river.


Be careful – the stones in the water can be slippery!

Frequently small trolls are drifting about the Brakkåfallet. The most famous one is the amiable toy thief "Dunderklumpen", who let himself even be filmed for the Swedish animation movie of the same name.



A beautiful three kilometres long trail, which is also very well passable in rainy weather, leads from the parking lot in Ankared to the wonderful Lejar waterfall.


Tip: Pack your picknick basket; at the Lejar river there are two idyllic picnic places with fireplaces.


trappstegforsen© Erika Lorde

Trappstegsforsen – the ”Flight of Stairs” rapids – is a well-known and popular destination. The way the rapids are formed makes it Sweden’s most eye-catching and beautiful waterfall. Here you can pull up with your caravan or camper van. The café is open every day in summer. When you stand and gaze at the mountain world ahead of you, it is easy to imagine that this is the way into the “Mountain King’s” kingdom.

trappstegforsen© Erika Lorde

There is a path from the rapids that runs for a couple of kilometres to Bielite, a historical place for Sami reindeer herding. At Spaunakullen and Tomasvallen, there are traces and relics from many generations of Sami dwellings. Bielite and its downstream rapids are popular fishing waters. Litsjöforsen, Kaskeliteforsen and Dimforsen are rapids downstream from Bielite and there are also several smaller lakes and stretches of slow-flowing waters before the Kultsjöån river flows out into the Malgomaj lake.


Dimforsen© Erika Lorde

The Dimforsen rapids are located a few kilometres from Stalon, on the left-hand side of the road. The road down to the water is steep but you can park in a layby on the right-hand side. There is a hut and a wooden footpath. Follow the path and feel the force of the Kultsjöån river.



Right next to the Vildmarksvägen, between Gäddede and Stekenjokk, the Gaustafallet plunges in a canyon.


In sunny weather the water lights up in the most beautiful shades of blue.

river just before gaustafallet

At Gaustafallet a scene from Astrid Lindgren's "Ronja the Robber's Daughter" was filmed.


Kulla-fallet, Dorronbäcken och Sju Forsar 1-3 km. I Klimpfjäll: En enkel promenad efter elljusspåret som du hittar uppe vid slalombacken. Vik in mot bäcken när du kommer till “Trollstigen”.

Kulla fallet© Erika Lorde

Den första forsen du kommer till är Kulla-fallet som är en väldigt vacker plats därvattnet och klipporna alltid erbjuder dig nya intryck. Fortsätter du upp efter stigen finns ytterligare 6 forsar.

Kulla fallet© Erika Lorde


Mellan Saxnäs och Klimpfjäll ligger Fiskonbäcken och Fiskonfallet. Det är skyltat från vägen.

Fiskonfallet© Erika Lorde
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