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Nature reserves

Around the Vildmarksvägen there's more than 3500 km² of protected nature reserves. If you want to visit one, remember that the "Everyman's right" (see accommodation) is restricted.

In nature reserves it is strictly prohibited to:

  • climb in trees with nests or to intentionally come within a distance of 100 metres of predatory birds' nest, and of dens or burrows
  • damage the land surface or vegetation, including dead and fallen trees
  • drive motor vehicles off road
  • land with an aircraft without the prior consent of the county administration (Länsstyrelsen)

Be considerate of those who have nature as place to work.

Reindeer are especially sensitive in calving time in april-may and when they are herded together for marking and slaughter. Don't disturb reindeer and keep distance. A scattered reindeer herd entails lots of extra work for the herdsmen.

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