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caveBecome a speleologist and find out about Sweden's longest cave! The "Koralgrottan", situated between Stora Blåsjön and Ankarvattnet, was recently discovered in 1985. Until now six kilometres of the passage ways have been explored and mapped.

A visit to the underground world, where there is a temperature of 4 degrees Celsius all year round, is a truly magical experience. Equipped with helmet and headlight you can admire stone curtains – the "Sinter Hangings" –, and stalactites that grow only one centimetre every 1000 years.

From the parking place at the road to the entrance of the cave is a 3 kilometres walk, and the entrance is closed off. For security reasons visiting the cave is only possible in a guided tour. During the two hour visit around 500 metres of the cave are shown. In the cave one can partly walk standing straight up, but often one has to crawl or climb through narrow passages. Visitors must not suffer from claustrophobia and be in quite good physical shape.

For more information and booking visits you can address yourself to the Tourists Office in Gäddede. Tel.: 0046 – (0)627 – 10500,

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