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Invisible river – Bjurälven


The history of the dramatic landscapes of the Bjurälven naure reserve started thousands of years ago, when rain and groundwater started to shape the limestone of Jämtland's bedrock. The slightly acid water wore holes and trenches in the ground, hollowing the stone, and eventually connected creating underground creeks and rivers.

Today the 23 square kilometres large nature reserve receives its visitors with fantastically formed rocks, bubbling water, the rustling of water channels right below the surface, collapsed caves, craters, deep lakes, and in summer blooming slopes.

A few kilometres north of Ankarvattnet there is a sign for the road to Bjurälven. At the Leipikvattnet farm, there is a parking place, and from there you come at a scenic six kilometres long trail to this karst topography.

Guided tours to Bjurälven with

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