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Rörströmsälvens Fishing & Outdoor Experience

88051 Rossön
Tel: 070 - 592 30 45

Jormvattnets Fiskecamp

Jormvattnet 885
830 90 Gäddede
Tel: 0672-201 00

Camp Route 45

Fyrån 210
830 70 Hammerdal

Norråkers Camping & Fiskecenter

830 81 Norråker
Tel: 070-3762338


Here you can download the leaflets "Fishing" and "Fishing in the mountains".

As yet, the leaflets are only available in swedish, but contain little text, lots of maps and useful phonenumbers.

For detailed information you can contact the "fiskekortförsäljare" (fishing permit sellers) or the tourist offices.

pdf logoDownload "Fiske" (Fishing)
pdf logoDownload "Fjällfiske" (Fishing in the mountains)
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