How to use this Gallery

You can drag this window if it doesn't fit your screen!

Drag It!

You can drag the control panel, the picture when in full screen mode, and the albums or thumbnails when there are more then fit your screen!

2. Hide and Show Albums, Thumbs, and Descriptions

The albums- and thumbs menu disappear automatically when you go to the next picture. They appear again when you go with you mouse to the left border (album menu) or bottom (thumbs) of your screen.

If you use a tablet, tap the left edge of your screen to show the albums again, or the bottom edge to show the thumbs again.

If you use a keyboard you can click the "m" to turn off the automatic show/hide for the thumbs. Every time you click the "m" the thumbs will show or hide.
Click the "a" to turn automatic show/hide on again.
Click the "d" on the panel or your keyboard to hide / show the descriptions (when descriptions are available).

3. Fit the whole picture in the screen

To see the whole picture, click the fit/expand button (top right) or the most right button in the control panel (when in panel mode), or use the "f" key on your keyboard.

To fill the whole screen again, click the button (or the "f") another time.

To go to the browsers Full Screen mode, click F11

4. Go to Next or Previous picture

5. Start / Stop a Slideshow

Adjust the speed by sliding the slidespeed button.

If you use the keyboard, click the spacebar a second time to stop the slideshow

6. Hide the control panel (when in "panel mode")

If you use a keyboard click the "x" on your keyboard. Else drag the panel out of sight

After you've hidden the control panel with your keyboard, it will show when you click the "x" on your keyboard.

When you drag the panel to the top of the screen, you enter the galleries "button-mode".
Now you'll see a "settings" button above your album menu.

7. Browser Info

To see the gallery as it is meant, use a modern browser like Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari or Internet Explorer 9+

The gallery is optimized for use on tablets. You would need a decent internet connection though.

If you use an older version of Internet Explorer, please upgrade it for full functionality.

set slide speed

show info

(key: 'i')

show / hide description

(key: 'd')

show panel / button version


hide thumbs

AUTO MANUAL (key: 'a/m')

hide buttons


this gallery is private
you need a password to enter the gallery

log in

Using a public computer? You'll need to close the browser to log out!