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Crazy for wilderness?

With the Wilderness Road (Vildmarksvägen), the most beautiful round trip in Sweden, you've found your perfect destination.

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Around 500 kilometres long, the Vildmarksvägen loops from Strömsund in Northern Jämtland northwest over the spectacular mountain plateau "Stekenjokk" into the South of Lappland and from Vilhelmina eventually back southwards to Strömsund.

2nd of June: the opening of the Stekenjokk mountain plateau

Along the way, through areas with an exceptionally high bear density, you will find breathtaking natural spectacles, the culture of the Sami and, of course, get a taste of Northern Swedish hospitality.

If you venture onto smaller roads (or trails!) you will be treated to even more magical views, charming rivers and waterfalls that, in their beauty, match the big tourist attractions, but stay hidden from everyone but the stray adventurer or lucky dog!

The Vilmarksvägen area includes 3 communities, covering an area as big as one third of Scotland, which nevertheless has only 22.000 inhabitants (that's less than one inhabitant per square kilometer!)

Welcome to Vildmarksvägen, a true paradise for the nature lover, outdoor freak and those who seek peace and quiet!

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Please note: The mountain plateau of Stekenjokk is only accessible from the beginning/middle of June until the middle of October due to snow drifts.

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